Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Little Bit of Sunshine Goes A Long Way

Vintage Maxi Skirt . Charity Shop . 50p
Black Vest Top . Primark . £2.50 
Denim Jacket . Primark . £18.00 
Brown Peep Toe Shoes . Primark . £8.00 
Oversized Structured Tan Bag . Matalan . £16.00 . (Buy here)

I think this might be my favourite skirt to date. It is a proper granny skirt but I love it so much and for 50p it was my best purchase ever. I thought the best think to do was to pair it with my denim jacket so that it didn't look so grannyish (not a word I know). 

Hello Strangers, been a while since my last post but I've been so busy volunteering at school. (which I am absolutely loving). So any way this is the outfit that I wore to my last day at my exhibition. It was rather emotional but the sun was shining so I decided not to make it ruin the last day and took lots of photos of my exhibition. I'll be putting those in another post because I took a lot of photos. 

What do you think of my Maxi skirt? Do you like my outfit?
Let me know !

Lizzie Florence. x


  1. Your maxi skirt has such a lovely print. It's not to dissimilar from your blog's background! x

  2. really like this outfit & your background :)

    anna xx

    1. Aww thank you, and thanks it took me ages to find a background I liked.

  3. this skirt is really cute, suits you so well xxxx