Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Black Fur . . .

So this is what I wore to pop into town today, it was quite cold so I thought I'd bring out my fur coat again since I've been wearing my black jacket a lot. Missed my new camera in the post today, so staying in tomorrow to get it, hopefully some good quality photos soon! My last picture is my 'Evenstar' necklace my boyfriend bought me for Christmas. Any lord of the Rings fans will know its the necklace that Arwen give Aragorn in the film. Obviously not the real one but I love it and thought I'd show you it. 

Fur Coat . New Look . £50.00 . Old Stock
Black Bag . New Look . £19.00 . Old Stock (Similar here)
Red & White Dress . Primark . £5.00 . Sale
White Scarf . H&M . Unknown . Old Stock (Similar here)
Footless Tights . Primark . £2.50 

Unfortunately I haven't even bought any of these that long ago but I can't find them anywhere. 

So what do you think of today's outfit? Anything you like in particular or not ?
Let me know either way  . . .  

Lizzie Florence xxx


  1. Ah hair envy! You have long hair mine is so bloody short it just refuses to grow boo!

  2. aww thanks . its taken me forever to grow it I used to have shoulder length.

    I hardly ever go to hairdressers in fear they'll cut it to short. :)

    lizzie florence xxx

  3. Great outfit - I love the dress :)x

  4. Thank you so much. it was such a bargain .

    lizzie florence xxx