Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wishlist . Sky Blue Styling with New Look .

1. Pale Blue Cut Work Cap Sleeve Dress  . £29.99 (Buy here)
2. White Leather Stud T-Bar Wedges . £49.99 (Buy here)
3. Turquoise Stone Pyramid Spike Bracelet Set . £5.99 . (Buy here)
4. Blue Denim Floral Print Pinafore Dress . £22.99 . (Buy here)
5. Blue Stripe Button Up Skater Skirt . £14.99 . (Buy here)

So it's been a while since I did a wishlist so I thought I would gather together some of my favourite pastel blue pieces from New Look. 

My favourite item on this wish list is the stripy skater skirt, I don't think its everyone's cup of tea but I love the pattern on it and I think it would look great with a white blouse and some wedges. I seem to have a huge jewellery collection but I don't really wear a lot of it however I do love these bracelets there so versatile and have such a nice pattern on them who wouldn't want them.

These wedges are definitely way out of my price range for shoes but a girl can dream right? there so nice and would instantly make any outfit look so classy. Someone buy me them! 

I hope you like this wishlist, Would you buy any of the items?
Let me know.!

Lizzie Florence.x


  1. I bought that pinafore dress but it didn't fit right :( Love the skirt - so cute!

    Check out my new look sale haul!!

    1. aww gutting! yeah me too :)

      ooh I'll have a look .x