Saturday, 30 March 2013

New Jumper. New Style

Striped Ombre Jumper . ASDA . was £14.00 now £7.00 . Old Stock . (Lime Version)
Black Skirt . Select . £8.99 . Old Stock
White Watch . Next . Unknown . Gift . Old Stock
Coral Stud Earrings . Evans . £2.50 . Old Stock

This outfit is to show of my lovely knew jumper I picked up from work in the Asda sale. Its so warm and cosy and perfect for the recent snowy weather. Although we haven't had it that bad in Hull it has been freezing. Where is Spring right?

I can't believe I'm in the last 5 weeks of my uni degree, I have so much work to do it's crazy. Hopefully I'll put my head down, get to it and design some great pieces. 

As you can see I've given my Blog a bit of a make over, and I'd love to hear what you think ?
let me know ! 

Lizzie Florence. x 

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Bunny Basket Tutorial

So this is my tutorial on how to make these cute little Easter Bunny Baskets which are great if you have young children or are thinking of giving someone a little gift this Easter, and they are so easy to make. 

If you like this tutorial and would like me to send you the net for it please comment and leave your email so I can send it to you. 

You will Need:

Glue Stick
Felt Tips or Crayons
Cotton Wool Balls
The Net (provided by me if you would like)

Step 1. The Fun Part.  Colouring In!
 Colour in your net and handle in what ever colour you'd like! 

Step 2. Folding. 
Fold all the edges that have dotted lines.

Step 3. Glue Tabs
Glue all the tabs and stick together to make a box. 

Step 4. Glue Tail
Get a few Cotton wool balls and pull them into one big ball.
 Place the Glue on the back of the box and stick down the wool. 

Step 5. Gluing Handle
Glue both ends of the Handle on the coloured side and place inside the box. 

And Finally ... Fill it with some lovely sweets : ) 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you would like a copy don't forget to comment and leave your email : ) 

Lizzie Florence. x x

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Firmoo Glasses

I have seen Firmoo mentioned in a lot of Blogs, and when I realised I needed some new glasses I  thought I'd bite the bullet and purchase some from them. I had these a while, but haven't got round to reviewing them. So here we are.  

Firmoo is an online optical store that sells prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses. They have a huge range of designs for you to choose from to the point where you are literally spoilt for choice.

One of the great things about Firmoo is that when you sign up you can receive your first pair for free (crazy right?). I didn't order any straight after signing up because I was sorting out my prescription and they sent me an email with a welcome voucher of 20% discount (so kind).
I snapped up the offer and bought my first pair which were these beauties here.

These are a pair of unisex acetate full frame eyeglasses in Tortoise shell. 

These lovely little things came with:

- The hard case -
- A dust cloth -
- A bag case - 
- Spare Screws -
- A tiny screwdriver -

All in all I am so pleased with these glasses and have already sent a few of my friends to there website because they liked mine so much. When the whether warms up I will definitely be buying some prescription sunglasses. 

Thank You Firmoo!

Have you tried Firmoo? What did you think?
Let me know! 

Lizzie Florence. x

Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Deep

These Photos are a little old but last month I went on a day out with my boyfriend to 'The Deep' in my home town of Hull. It is apparently 'the worlds only submarium'  I don't know what that means but it sounds fancy. Anyway I've been a few times before and every time I go there's always something new so I thought I take a few snapshots and let you know how great it is. 

It is open from 10 till 6 every day and its good to know the only day they don't feed the sharks is Wednesday. so if you want to catch a glimpse of that don't go on a Wednesday.  

Prices are:
 Adults: £10.75
Student/Senior: £9.75
Child (aged 3 to 15): £8.75
Family of 4: £35.00
Family of 5: £42.00

When you pay they give you a form and if you pop a passport photo of yourself on it you get in free for the next year (with a small donation). Which I think is so great because you'll definitely want to go back. With in The Deep there are numerous Picnic Areas and they also have a Lovely Cafe with an amazing view of the river. The gift shop is full of little trinkets and special one off items and is work having a look around. 

As well as the typical fish you usually get they have a wide selection of reptiles and insects. And is one of the most amazing selection of tropical fish I have ever seen. One interesting thing to know is that they will soon be adding Penguins to there huge list of animals they have as well. ( I love Penguins )

Have you been before? Would you consider going?
Let me know! 

Lizzie Florence.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Primark Floral & New Shoes

Pink Blazer . ASDA . was £14.00 now £7.00 . Old Stock
Tan Studded Platform Shoes . Ebay . was £34.99 now £15.00 . (Similar Version here)
Ditsy Print Denim Dress . Primark . £10.00
Black Footless Tights . Primark . £2.50

So this is what I wore out the other day, it was totally to show off my amazing new shoes I recently bought on Ebay. amazing right! and £15.00 they where such a bargain but the buyer I got them off sold out so I have included a link to identical pairs! I'm going to get them in black when I get paid because they are so comfy!

I wanted to wear my new Primark dress but dressed up a little so I decided to wear my lovely pink ASDA blazer which I thought worked quite well. 

I've been cracking on with my Uni work at the mo as I'm in my final year and I only have 6 weeks left! Argh. So if I post a bit less in the next few weeks I'm sorry guys I will be back I promise. I'll keep you updated.

So anyway. Do you like my new shoes? Are you struggling with Uni and Blogging?
Let me know your thoughts. 

Lizzie Florence.x 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Primark Haul. 19.03.13

Brown Ballet Shoes . was £6.00 now £3.00 .

Black Wedge Sandals . £10.00 .

Cream Clutch Bag . was £8.00 now £3.00

Ditzy Print Dress . £10.00 . 

Floral Playsuit . £10.00 . 

Grey Skater Dress . £5.00 . 

Black & White Stripy Dress . £5.00 . 

Purple Pale Hoodie . was £9.00 now £5.00 

So these are all my purchases over the last few weeks or so from Primark. Personally I think I've found some right bargains so I'm pretty chuffed : ) 

The brown shoes are the comfiest shoes ever, they are literally like wearing slippers. I have been looking for a pair of black sandal wedges for ages and when I found these little gems I couldn't be happier. 

When I saw the print of this denim look dress I just knew I had to buy it, it' so cute and totally reminds me of a Cath Kidston print. Play suits are not normally something I make a habit of buying but for ten pound I couldn't resist this one. I think it will look great dressed up or down. 

My two little bargain dresses are to wear for uni when I'm planning on being crafty so I don't ruin my nice clothes. For a fiver each they are perfect. I bought another one a few weeks ago mentioned here if you want to have a look. 

I bought this hoodie in green not so long ago and when I saw they had it in purple for so cheap I couldn't resist it. they're so comfy and for a fiver it was a must. 

What do you think of my haul ? Would you make any purchases. 
Let me know your thoughts

Lizzie Florence.x

Monday, 18 March 2013

Movie Monday #1

So I couldn't think of a song to choose for today so I thought I would try something a little different and alternate my Monday's between 'music' and 'movies'. Since watching movies is one of my favourite hobbies I thought it would make perfect sense. 

My first 'Movie Monday' is featuring the most recent film I have seen in cinema which is the spine tingling 'Mama'.

Knowing that Guillermo del Toro had been involved in this film I knew it was one not to be missed. His own horrors create some of the most perfectly scary scenes in modern horror and are filled with beautiful designed creatures. 

One thing that has to be said, the two young girls featured in this film are amazing little actresses and pull of some of the best acting I have seen in any horror film, and not just a children's standards. It is a mixture of jumpy moments and heartfelt sympathy for the characters,  I strongly suggest paying a visit to see this if you like a good scare. So hats off to the director 

For more information about this film visit IMDB by clicking Here.

Have you seen this film? What did you think? 
Would you like to see more movie reviews?
Let me know your thoughts!

Lizzie Florence. x

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Neon Tribal

Neon Tribal Skirt - Miss Selfridges . Unknown . Old Stock 
Jacket . Dorothy Perkins . £55.00 . (Buy here)
Black Scallop Top . Internacionale . £6.99 . Old Stock
Black Slipper Shoes . Primark . £6.00 
Pink Skull Bracelet . Unknown . (was a gift)
Spike Bracelet . Ebay . £0.99 . (Buy here)
Watch . Morgan . £34.99 . (Buy here)

So I this is what I wore to go on a lovely shopping trip with one of my friends the other day. 
It was one of those things where I couldn't decide on what to wear then this little number just popped out at me.

I've had this skirt for a long time and I don't wear it that often but when I do I always fall in love with all over again. It absolutely chucked it down with rain so my shoes were totally impractical but none of my boots would go with it so I just had to hope they were okay. (they weren't)

so yeah, I ended up buying to dresses from Primark and a top from New Look, but I'm taking the top back because it didn't go with what I thought it would. Do you ever find that happens? I think it's so annoying. 

So anyway let me know your thoughts, do you like my skirt? 
I'd love to hear from you! 

Lizzie Florence x

Saturday, 16 March 2013

And The Winner Is ... Paige Bryan!

So today's post is all about the luck blogger who won my Give Away Yesterday. 

The winner was the lovely Paige Bryan and her blog is A Paige At A Time which I think is a great name for a blog! If only I had that much wit. 

Paige started her blog earlier this year and is going from strength to strength ever since. 
Like me it is not the first blog she has started but also like me it's one she's sticking to (which is great!) Her blog is a mixture of fashion and beauty with some great wishlist's and instagraming thrown in there too. 

Here is some of the great stuff featured in her blog!

So there she is!. . . check her blog out by clicking here if you missed the other link. 
You won't regret it : ) 

all picture featured are from her blog! 

Lizzie Florence. x