Saturday, 2 February 2013

Loreal Ombre Kit

So I've been wanting to Ombre my hair for a while now and when I found this home kit in boots for £6.00 I thought I'd give it a go. This is the Loreal Paris Ombre Home Kit, I bought No.1 which is for light brown to dark brown hair so it seemed the obvious choice for me. 

It came with: black gloves . applicator brush . conditioning shampoo . colour powder . lightening  creme . developer creme .

The gloves where quite tight if you have chubby finger like me but where comfortable enough. the brush made It really easy to use as well, to be honest I would of been useless with out the brush. It says on the packet to leave on for 25 to 45 minutes and I left mine on for about 35 minutes. 

I will say try not to get the dye anywhere near your face because the smell is so strong it made my eyes water like hell. The shampoo that you use after however smells lush.

So this is the outcome 

I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. It's gone a coppery, gingery kind of colour which I quite like. I didn't want it to be bright blonde and I knew I wasn't going to get the effect that's on the box however for £6.00 I am very pleased.

Cardigan . Asda . £10.00 . (Buy here)
G21 Floral Dress . Asda . £16.00 . (Buy here)

So what do you think of the colour? Have you tried this kit? would you consider it?
Let me know your thoughts! 

Lizzie Florence x


  1. I have actually tried this! I had some balayage in my hair already so it actually came out quite blonde, all over I thought it was so good for the price (considering how much hairdressers charge) and it looks lovely on you!

    1. yeah I didn't leave it on for the full 40 minutes either. yeah I thought so too i don't like forking out loads at the hairdressers so for me this was perfect haha.
      aww thanks : )

  2. I tried exactly the same one and got the same colour! Loved it :)

    F xx

    1. Yeah its a great shade. My ends are a little damaged now though . . but I don't know if that just because of my hair : )

    2. This looks great with your hair colour! Debating what to do next with my hair, this is in the top 3 choices :) x

    3. Thanks : ) It looks kinda ginger in some light but I like it. I recommend it if that what you fancy, but my ends still need treatment from damage : )

      lizzie x