Saturday, 9 February 2013

Elephant Scarf

Textured Blazer . Asda . £16.00 . (Buy here)
Black & White Stripy Midi . New Look . £14.00 . (Similar here) 
Elephant Scarf . Present from Clothes Show . Unknown . (Similar here)

This is what I wore to uni the other day. It was finally a day with no rain or snow so I figured it was warm enough to finally wear my elephant scarf my sister got me for Christmas. I absolutely love elephants, my room is filled with elephant and this was one of my lovely additions. I've had this midi skirt for a while now and its so comfy its unreal.

 I was in uni all day then had to go straight to beavers  ( don't think I've mentioned that I volunteer helping a beavers group every Thursday to help for my work experience with children) so new comfort was important that day!

 In fact I planned the session and we made hanging snakes for Chinese new year so I might upload a tutorial if any of you have any young ones?

What do you think of midi skirts? Would you want me to do a tutorial? 
Let me know your thoughts!

Lizzie Florence. x


  1. I like the scarf, the elephant print is really cute. And the skirt looks super comfy as well as stylish!

    1. aww thanks yeah my sister know what I like haha. It really is so comfy which I never thought it would be.

  2. Love this scarf - so cute! x

    1. thanks, definitely one of my favourites and I have many ha.