Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Back To Denim & New Top

White Lace Blouse . £12.99 . Internacionale . (Buy here)
Black Skirt . Select . £8.00 . Old Stock
Denim Jacket . Primark . £18.00 . Old Stock 
Black Slipper Shoes . Primark . £6.00 
Hamsa Hand Neclace . Primark . £2.00
Morgan Watch . Argos . £34.99 . (Buy here)
Turquoise Ribbon Bracelet . Present . Unknown
Black Bag . New Look . £19.99 . Old Stock

This is what I wore out for tea yesterday, I was celebrating because I passed my skills tests! eek I was so pleased I decided to pop into Internacionale on the way home and bought this lovely lace blouse. It was only £12.99 and I can't wait till it warms up a bit so I can wear it with some shorts. I decided to get my old denim jacket out. As much as I love my trusted leather jacket It was just to much black for me. (maybe because I was in such a good mood?).

Anyway's I want to thank my Dad today for taking the photo's. He wanted a play on my camera so offered to take them (how nice) I actually think these photos look better than the ones I take with my Tripod. Hmm . May have to hire him part time : ) 

What do you think of today's outfit? Do you prefer photos at this angle?

Let me know your thoughts. I love reading your comments!

Lizzie Florence.x

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Charity Shop Haul & Tartan Addiction

So it was actually over a week ago that I popped into some of my local charity shops but since I've been washing everything I've only just had chance to take some photos. I ended up only spending £5 on all these lovely items so I was pretty chuffed to be fair. 

Now I didn't purposefully go out with the intention of buying this much tartan but for a pound each I just couldn't resist. The two scarf's that I got are gorgeous and there in such good condition I couldn't believe my luck. The two tartan throws were totally impulse buys and I haven't a clue what I'm going to do with them. Maybe make some cushions perhaps? 

My star buy was this beautiful maxi with buttons down the front, as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it. It reminds me of one my mum used to have when I was a kid (90's kid) that I loved. It fits perfectly and I can't wait to wear it in summer. 

So do you like shopping in charity shops? What do you think of my purchases?
Let me know!

Lizzie Florence.x

Monday, 25 February 2013

Music Monday #6

So bit of an odd one this week but its one of my favourite films, It's such a great feel good film and if you've grown up with the muppets your guaranteed to love it. This song in particular Jason Segal wrote for the film is amazing, and it actually won an academy award!

So this is my choice for this week and I hope you enjoy! 
If you've seen the film and love it let me know

Lizzie Florence. 

Saturday, 23 February 2013

E-Tail PR Amazing Competition

So E-Tail PR are giving away an amazing goodie bag worth £187 !

One lucky winner will get there hands on:

1x Talullah Tu Clutch Bag
1xTallulah Tu Ring
1x Jelly Belly Gift Box
3x Oclock watches

So It's well worth an enter, Imagine if you won!

Good Luck ! 

Lizzie Florence . x

Old El Paso Chicken Bbq Fajita Kit

So this is a first for me but I  thought I'd do a food post as I was looking to start posting some different things and I was cooking a meal for me and my boyfriend so though why not!

I am in no way a gourmet cook in fact this is probably one of the only things I can cook and It's the easiest thing in the world and yummy as hell.

So firstly this is really the basics of what you need to make this lovely meal. 

1 Old El Paso Fajita kit
2 peppers (depending your preference)
2 small onions 
2 packs of 250gm chicken breast

The Kits themselves are normally about £3.80 but quite often a supermarket will have them on offer for £2.60. We sometimes add a few extra peppers just because we both really like them but that's just your own preference you can really put in it whatever you want. 

I also add a Uncle Ben's Mexican Style Rice to ours just for a little extra. There normally about 2 for £3.00 in any supermarket. I just put it in the microwave for 3 minutes just as I'm dishing up. 

In the Fajita pack contains:
Old El Paso Salsa Sauce
Old El Paso Spice Mix
Old El Paso 8 Fajitas

So first of all pre heat the oven to 180' (gas mark 4) 
 Start by chopping the peppers up into little slices and place them into the frying pan with some oil. 

Then slice the onions quite finely (again your preference) and pop those in the pan with the peppers. 

So now there in the pan. Fry them at a high heat until the onions look brownish then pop them into a dish and put them in the oven on a low shelf.

Whilst the onions and peppers are in the oven keeping warm. Cut the chicken into little chunks and fry them in the pan with a little oil until they turn a light brown. 
If you unsure whether there fully cooked then take one and slice in half to check its not pink in the middle. 

And finally add the peppers and onions to the chicken and mix in the Old El Paso Spice mix until its fully stirred in. 
 Pop the mix into a dish with a serving spoon and its ready to go. 
Pierce The pack of fajitas and pop in the microwave for 40 seconds. 
Pop the Uncle Bens Mexican Rice in a bowl. 
Pop the Salsa Sauce into a little bowl. 
Grate some cheese into a bowl (personal preference)

And there you have it! easy and simple to make and tastes gorgeous. 
Hope you enjoy!

Have you tried these kits? What do you think of this kind of post?
Would you like to see more like these? 

Let me know!

Lizzie Florence. x

Friday, 22 February 2013

Tribal Skirt & Favourite Blazer . . .

Orange/beige blazer . River Island . was £30.00 now £15.00 . Old stock
Black Shoulder Bag . New Look . £19.99 . Old Stock
Black snood . Primark . £4.00 
Tribal skirt . Primark . £8.00 . 
Black chelsea boots . Primark . £8.00 

This is what I wore for university yesterday. Was a quick outfit choice today as I didn't realise I had an early class so that was interesting but don't think I did too bad haha. I've had this blazer for ages and I just love it so much it's so comfy and I love that the colour is a little different. 

I'll be doing a food post tomorrow which I've never done so I hope you enjoy it
What do you think of my outfit? Are you ever in a rush in a morning?

Lizzie Florence x

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Marc B & ASOS Competition

So etailPR have set up this amazing competition to win:

£75 to spend at Marc B 
£175 to spend at ASOS 

I know! can you believe it. So the competition was to pick one of Marc B's new bags and use ASOS's clothing to create your outfit collage around your bag choice. 
The closing date is this 9am Friday but you still have chance if you want to enter click here.

 So on to my choices:

Jen Soft Tan . Marc B . £55.00 . (Buy here)
As soon as I saw this bag i fell in love, it's looks so simple and styled and would go with anything. The inside of the bag is a gorgeous leopard print which just makes me love it even more. The inside also has a zip pocket to keep all your essentials in so what more could you want.   

Printed Trousers . Mango . ASOS . £27.99 . (Buy here)
 These printed trousers are to die for, the print is so versatile you could dress it up or down and would be great for an evening out. They have zip pockets and a tapered length for that perfect smart and stylish look. 

Long Sleeve Body . American Apparel  . ASOS . £27.00 . (Buy here)
Because of the printed trousers I wanted the top to be something subtle, So I decided this American Apparel body was the perfect choice. I chose long sleeved because I think It will work well with the long length of the trousers. 
Platform Wedges . River Island . ASOS . £50.00 . (Buy here)
These Platform wedges are gorgeous and would look great with the printed trousers. They add ultimate statement to any outfit and make this particular one perfect for a night out. I feel they would be a great addition to anyone's wardrobe.
Coin & Cross Necklace . ASOS . £6.00 . (Buy here)
And finally I would finish this outfit off with this lovely long charm necklace which would look great against the long sleeve body and would just add a little something to the whole look. 

So what do you think of my Marc B & ASOS collage? Do you like the way I styled it? \
Are you going to enter?
Let me know! 

Lizzie Florence. xxx

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

February 2013 Home Wants


1. FJÄLLTÅG 2 Pack Cushions . Ikea . £11.00 . (Buy here)
These are some cute cushion covers from Ikea that I have fallen in love with, I think they would brighten up any room for spring

2. Precious Things Jar . H&M . £6.00 . (Buy here)
As soon as I saw this cute little jar I knew I wanted it, I think it would look great in a bathroom or kitchen with little trinkets in or maybe filled with buttons would be nice.

3. White Moroccan Lamp . Asda . £10.00 . (Buy here)
I have a few little lamps in my bedroom that I love and this would be a great addition to my collection I really like the patten and for £10.00 its not a bad price at all. 

4. Patterned Tablecloth . H&M . £12.99 . (Buy here)
Even though I still live at home I'm constantly finding things I imagine having in my own place and this is definitely one of those it's so bright and beautiful I can just imagine it on a dining room table this french doors open in summer (perfection)

5.Small Buddha Statue . Ebay . £7.99 . (Buy here)
As I have probably mentioned before I was a total Buddha baby, and I've always loved Buddha statues (I have many already) This one in particular reminds me of one my Auntie used to have that they used to sit me next to when I was a baby (I'll find the photo's) So to me it would be a perfect reminder  of that. 

I can't wait to be able to have my own place to decorate! 

Do you like my choices? have you moved out or are planning to?
Let me know! 


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

City Print Dress. . .

Jacket . Dorothy Perkins . £55.00 . (Buy here)
Dress . New Look . £20.00 ish . Old Stock
Footless Tights . Primark . £2.50 
Black Cotton Snood . Primark . £4.00

So this is what I wore to Uni yesterday It was a relatively warm day for February so I decided to wear this lovely city print dress I got from New Look last year. I totally forgot I had this dress and found it whilst looking for something else in my wardrobe (bonus).

Do you like the print of this dress? Are you waiting for the weather to warm up? 
Let me know your thoughts.


Monday, 18 February 2013

Music Monday #5

So today's music Monday is this lovely song by Bruno Mars 'When I was man'.

I got his new album Unorthodox Jukebox for Christmas this year off my lovely boyfriend and I've had it on in my car ever since. The album is just full of what I'm sure will be hit after hit, and this one in particular is one of my favourites. It's a sad song but the lyrics themselves are beautiful. 

Have a listen and I hope you love it as much as I do

Lizzie Florence xxx

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Rimmel Nail Varnish no. 500 Peppermint

So this is one on the lovely colour nail varnishes I have worn this week. I really love this colour it's a lovely pastel green shade and pretty much goes with anything. I last quite well before chipping but once it chipped it peals away so quickly. I also it's a great colour for Spring so its getting me in the mood for some sun : )

Do you like this colour? Are you looking forward to spring?
Let me know your thoughts.

Lizzie Florence x

Friday, 15 February 2013

New Hat & Blouse . . .

Alphabet Print Blouse . Primark . £12.00 . 
Black Hat . Debenhams . was £26.00 now £7.80 . Old Stock
Black Skater Skirt . Internacionale . £16.99 . (Buy here)
Jacket . Dorothy Perkins . £55.00 . (Buy here)
Tights 4 pack . Asda . £4.00 . 

Finally I'm getting to show you a new outfit post with my lovely alphabet print top I got from Primark on Monday. I'm also wearing my new hat which I have absolutely fallen in love with, and it was such a bargain to considering I was only in Debenhams by chance as I don't normally go in there really but now I'm so glad I did. 

Have you seen anything you've just fallen in love with it straight away?
Let me know your thoughts! 

Lizzie Florence x

Thursday, 14 February 2013

February 2013 New Look Wants

1.White Textured Floral Dress . New Look . £24.99 . (Buy here)
I really love the colours of this dress and although It's a bit cold now it will be great when the weather warms up. I would wear this with my light denim jacket and a great pair of sandals (wishful thinking I know).

2. Fiorelli Shell Pink Bowler Bag . New Look . 29.99 . (Buy here)
The shade of this bag is such a nice colour and it just seems like one of those bags that would go with anything. I love the shape of Bowler bags and they are always really comfy to wear so this would make a great addition to any collection. 

3. Cream Tapestry Print Skater Skirt . New Look . 22.99 . (Buy here)
My collection of skater skirts is growing to some great lengths now, but I just love how versatile they are. This one in particular is gorgeous, I love the pattern of it and think it would look great either dressed up with heels and a blazer of dressed down with a slouchy jumper. 

4. White Floral Printed Peplum Top . New Look . £9.99 . (Buy here)
I actually cannot believe this top is only a tenner it is so nice. This would look great with some light coloured jeans in summer or dressed up with a pencil skirt. I will definitely be making a purchase with this. 

5. Black Floral Tapestry Jacket . New Look . £29.99 . (Buy here)
This is one of those things were as soon as I saw it I fell in love, the pattern is so nice. I think this jacket would make a great transition piece from winter to spring as its dark but the floral design lightens it. May have to consider saving some pennies for this lovely item. 

Well these are some of the things I want from New Look at the minute. . . and I've just realised there all floral patterned apart from the bag. Oh well I like them all the same but sorry for the possible lack of variety. Hope you enjoyed reading! 

Would you buy any from my want list? Are you liking floral's?
Let me know your thoughts! 

and Happy Valentines Day ! 

Lizzie Florence. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Lunch Out. . .

G21 Sweat Knit Blazer . Asda . £16.00 . (Buy here)
Black Skater Skirt . Internacionale . £16.99 . (Buy here)
Black Vest Top . Primark . £2.50
Brown Studded Detail Bag . Wallis . was £30.00 now £12.00 . Old Stock
Long Leaf Detail Necklace . Ebay . £1.21 . (Buy here)

So this is what I wore on Saturday when my lovely boyfriend decided to treat me to a pub lunch before work as we had a rare day off together.(he works days and I work nights)

 I know I know another purchase from Asda but I just can't help myself. I bought this blazer from work last week and I got in half price because it was a wear the clothing weekend so we get whatever we wear half price (to advertise the clothes) I wanted this jacket for a while so when I knew the weekend was coming up I knew exactly what I wanted. I also bought a dress as well so I'm sure you'll see that in an outfit post soon.

 The blazer is just thick enough to be worn on its own on a non windy day so I thought I'd brave the cold and go without a coat, and I managed just fine. Although I did get a scarf out in the end. 

What do you think of this Blazer? Are you starting to brave the cold? 
Let me know! 

Lizzie Florence x

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Primark Haul 11.02.13

So I went on a lovely shopping trip with my mum and sister yesterday and I ended up with a bag full of goodies from primark and I got everything for under £30 which I couldn't believe. I'm so happy with my purchases and I cant wait to show them off in some outfit posts!

I love Primark and I've always shopped there but I feel like I go through stages of buying loads from there then I won't get anything for ages. Anyone else feel like that?

 Alphabet Print Blouse . £12.00

Navy and White Stripy Jersey Dress . £5.00

Tribal Print Skater Skirt . £8.00

Black Cotton Snood . £4.00

Geometric Triangle Necklace . £3.00

Three Pack Friendship Bracelets . £1.50

So all in all I'd say a rather successful trip out, I can't believe that jersey dress was only a fiver, I mean its quite thin but perfect for throwing on for uni. My favourite purchase has to be the alphabet print top. being a graphic designer I love typography and anything with type on I want so I as soon as I saw it I had to have it. I also got a lovely new hat from debenhams but ill show that in a outfit post later. 

Have you seen anything nice in primark recently? Would you get any of my Purchases?
Let me know your thoughts

Lizzie Florence x