Sunday, 27 January 2013

Week In Photos 27.01.13 ...

My Boyfriends Gorgous Puppy Libby . Making Paper At Uni . Editing My Photography
Finally Picking All The Sequins Out My Car. Company Magazine Collection . Filming My Haul 
New Rug . Finally A Tidy Bedroom . Django With The Boyfriend

So It's been a pretty stressful week, lots to do for uni and also my cars sick at the minute. I still managed to find the time to film my haul video quite happy with how it turned out. My room the past couple of weeks has been a right mess but finally got it all tidied. I wanted to end the week on a high note so me and my boyfriend went to see Django and it was absolutely fantastic. I loved every minute of it. Tarantino pulled of another masterpiece. 

Have you seen Django? What did you think? Are You Enjoying My Blog?
So still loving every minute of blogging, and loving hearing from you soo. . . 
Let me know your thoughts!

Lizzie Florence x

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