Monday, 14 January 2013

Snow Snow . . .

Coat . New Look . Unknown . Old Stock
Wellys . Next £14.00(sale) . Old Stock
Footless Tights . £2.50 . Primark 
Hat & Scarf . Unknown

It's just a quick post today because I've got a uni assessment on Thursday and I've got lots to do. Wish me luck for Thursday!

So it's Snowing (as I'm sure some of you know) and I finally got to wear my new welly's (mentioned here). I decided to get a bus to Uni today rather than drive because I know the weather was going to be bad. It's not for everyone but I love snow, I love getting wrapped up and going for a walk in my wellys. I cannot for the life of me remember wear I got my scarf from but It's perfect for this weather. 

So are you a snow fan or foe? 
Let me know?

Lizzie Florence xxx


  1. love your outfit! you're such a pretty girl! :)
    following you xx

    join my galaxy leggings GIVEAWAY!

    1. aww thanks this was thrown together for the cold haha.
      thanks for the follow!

      oo i'll have a look

      lizzie florence xxx

  2. great look for the cold! i love snow <3

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

    1. aww thanks :) yeah we don't get snow a lot but when we do I love it.

      lizzie florence xxx