Sunday, 13 January 2013

Never Spend Money Were You Work ...

Jacket . Dorothy Perkins . £55.00 . (Buy here)
Footless Tights . Primark . £2.50
G21 Floral Dress . Asda . £16.00 . (Buy here)
Bracelet . Ebay . £0.99 . (Buy here)
Cross Earings . Primark . £1.00 .

Just a quick outfit post from what I wore out for tea last night with my boyfriend. I normally work on a Saturday 5 till 10, but I was lucky enough to get an early shift so we thought we'd make the most of it and go out for tea. As I said in my Asda Wants Post yesterday this is the dress that I bought and I must say I love it. The colour make it a great Winter to Spring transition piece. It really is a strain on your bank balance working in retail, I'm constantly spending . . . 

So what do you think of my dress? Do you work in retail and constantly spend? 
Let me know your thoughts. 

Lizzie Florence xxx


  1. Hi Liz.
    The dress looks fabulous on you. I agree working in retail is a complete nightmare. I think i need therapy for what i spend. just becuase i spend 9 hours looking around the same items, i start to shop even if i really dont need it or I only like it a little bit. I think if i didnt work there i wouldnt even waste any of my wages there! Love Pen pen xx

    1. aww thanks :) yeah I know I'm constantly picking pieces out. I did a 7 hour shift today and I've already put 3 things away to buy haha. . . I'll buy stuff then when I get home its like "what am I doing?". whereas if I didn't work there I'd only go maybe twice a month.

      the curse of a retail worker.

      lizzie florence. xxx