Sunday, 20 January 2013

January 2013 H&M Wishlist . . .

1. Floral Trousers . H&M .  £29.99 . (Buy here)
I think these trousers would be a great addition to anyone's spring wardrobe, there so colourful and bright. There not something I would normally do for but I'm trying to challenge myself to be more daring so we shall see. 

2.Beige Jacket . H&M . £24.99 . (Buy here)
I really love the colour of this jacket and think its one of those things that would just go with anything. and for 25.99 it's quite a bargain. I will definitely be making a purchase when I get paid or my student loan appears. 

3. Powder Pink Bag . H&M . £19.99 . (Buy here)
This bag is in such a nice colour and would brighten up any outfit. I wouldn't normally buy a bag this bright in case it got marked but for 19.99 I would definitely consider this little beauty. 

4. Ying Yang Print Dress . H&M . £12.99 . (Buy here)
This dress is so funky and just a nice little day dress. At £12.99 it's a steal. I love little dresses like this that you can just throw on and it looks great. I'll be getting this as soon as I get paid. 

5. Black Peep Toe Shoes . H&M . £29.99 . (Buy here)
Clearing out my wardrobe this week I realised I don't have a good pair of black heels, then when I came across these I fell in love. I'm not great walking in heels so I need ones with either thick heels or a wedge so these seem perfect for me.  

So what do you think of H&M's new arrivals? Would you buy any? 
Do you have your favourite pair of heals?

Let me know your thoughts. . . 
Lizzie Florence 


  1. Definatley need that H&M Jacket in my life... where is payday!
    Thanks for your comment - now following :)

    1. everyone should have one haha. it comes in different colours too (tempting)